XDAndroid initramfs Build Service

These files are images of the initramfs used on compatible devices for the XDAndroid project. The images are built automatically based on commits to the git repository at http://gitorious.org/xdandroid/initramfs using the master branch. The build host's local repository is updated every 20 minutes and builds are generated as needed.

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The latest build is always available at initrd-latest.gz. Please note: oldest builds may be removed without notice as needed for disk space on the server.

The build service is up-to-date as of 30 April 2011 01:16:04 (about 6956931m 42s ago).

For information or issues regarding this service, please contact stinebd by email.

Image Build date Commit ID File size
initrd-20110429-a3eace0.gz Commit Log
commit a3eace0
Author: Howard Chu 
Date:   Thu Apr 28 14:16:39 2011 -0700

    Don't use /sdcard for initial mount
    It confuses vold later; after using USB storage and unmounting /sdcard
    it will never try to remount it because it thinks it's already mounted.
30 Apr 2011 01:16:04 a3eace0 1.81 MiB
initrd-20100813-b11116a.gz Commit Log
commit b11116a
Author: Bryan Stine 
Date:   Fri Aug 13 17:00:19 2010 -0400

    For rootfs partition, populate /dev
13 Aug 2010 21:06:49 b11116a 1.81 MiB
initrd-20100611-5816d27.gz Commit Log
commit 5816d27
Author: root <root@linux.(none)>
Date:   Sun May 23 09:06:52 2010 +0800

    add utf8 option for mount /sdcard command. for fix bad filenames in
11 Jun 2010 19:36:06 5816d27 1.81 MiB
initrd-20100328-d4cd3e8.gz Commit Log
commit d4cd3e8
Author: HUSSON Pierre-Hugues 
Date:   Sun Mar 28 12:06:37 2010 +0200

    Add loop_partition= to change the partition containing loopback files.
    Default is mmcblk0p1.
    Keeps fallbacking to mmcblk0
    Add a small delay once mmcblk0 appeared, in case of long partition
table reading.
    Add root_partition= to directly mount an ext2 partition, without
loopback as root.
28 Mar 2010 10:16:03 d4cd3e8 1.81 MiB
initrd-20100301-069da21.gz Commit Log
commit 069da21
Author: Bryan Stine 
Date:   Mon Mar 1 18:37:57 2010 -0500

    if block terminator was missing.

commit b8a09fe
Author: Bryan Stine 
Date:   Mon Mar 1 18:14:24 2010 -0500

    Update init script to find the Android path on SD as rootfs init does.
1 Mar 2010 23:40:10 069da21 1.81 MiB
initrd-20100301-587013f.gz Commit Log
commit 587013f
Author: Bryan Stine 
Date:   Mon Mar 1 17:48:56 2010 -0500

    Initial import of our initramfs
1 Mar 2010 22:58:25 587013f 1.81 MiB

Note: All build times UTC. All commit times are local time, indicated by numeric time zone.